Co-Founder and Technical Team Lead

Feb 2016 – Present ,2 yrs 7 mos Sydney, Australia

Mwalimuplus is an Intelligent e-Tutoring solution for students, parents and teachers. The system is designed to improve the learning-teaching process and has a significant amount of learning materials and supports for students to be able to solve math questions with minimum help.

Hivetec Australia

Data Scientist - Business Analytics|Tableau Administrator/Developer

Mar 2016 – Apr 2018 , 2 yrs 2 mos Sydney, Australia

Hivetec specialises in building and supporting enterprise software solutions for service businesses that support complex, multi-dimensional stakeholder relationships.

Duties include:
◆ Business analytics consultancy
◆ Data analysis using machine learning models
◆ Advanced analysis using R in Tableau
◆ Regression analysis for predicting outcome and revenue
◆ Analysing and visualising data using Tableau
◆ Data cleaning
◆ Feature selection

JN Solutions (Australia)

Data Scientist | Tableau Administrator | Tableau Developer

Nov 2014 – Feb 2016 , 1 yr 4 mos Sydney, Australia

JN Solutions (JNS) develops of software for Jobactive and Disability Employment Services (ESS & DMS). Analytics is one of JNS applications that allows our clients create their reports and analyse their data in a Tableau environment.

Duties include:
◆ Incorporating Tableau in a CRM software
◆ Designing Tableau user management process
◆ Advanced analysis using machine learning models ► Tableau, R
◆ Tableau server administration and Tableau developer ► Tableau, R
◆ Business analytics services ► Tableau, R
◆ Managing Business Intelligence tool configuration and files
◆ Engaging and communicating customers
◆ Presenting and demoing Tableau to customers
◆ Providing Tableau training and consultation support

Macquarie University

Data Scientist and Developer

May 2014 – Dec 2015 , 1 yr 8 mos Sydney, Australia

Continuing ICFS project:

Duties include:
◆ Developing an Intelligent Tutoring System (iCFS) and analysing users’ logs ► C#, LISP, jQuery
◆ Gathering, cleaning, transforming, filtering ,merging, verifying data ► C#, Python, for extracting data and transforming, excel and SQL for querying

University of Canterbury

Software developer and data analyst

Apr 2011 – May 2014 , 3 yrs 2 mos Sydney, Australia (remote employee)

ICFS is an Intelligent Tutoring System designed to assist students to develop a conceptual
understanding of Cash Flow Statement (CFS) generation and their integration within the business
reporting system, in an intermediate financial accounting course. iCFS is under testing and evaluation
process and it has successfully tutored about 1000 students in Macquarie University and

University of Canterbury

Software developer and data scientist, PhD project

2013 – Jan 2014 , 1 yr New Zealand

ITSs provide multiple levels of assistance to students, adaptive feedback being one of them. The goal
of this project was to investigate using worked-examples in constraint-based tutors by adding
examples into SQL-Tutor. SQL-Tutor is a constraint-based tutor that teaches the Structured Query
Language (SQL). Students with different prior knowledge benefit differently from studyin

University of Canterbury

Data scientist for an eye tracking study, PhD project

Apr 2012 – Apr 2013 , 1 yr 1 mo New Zealand

I used an eye-tracker to compare behaviour of novices and advanced students while studying
examples. Eye tracking involves determining the point of gaze of a person’s eyes on a visual scene. I
proposed a new technique to analyse eye-gaze patterns named Eye Gaze Pattern Analysis (EGPA). In
order to comprehend SQL examples, students required information available in the datab

Dynamic Controls

System engineer

Sep 2011 – Dec 2011 , 4 mos

Duties included: writing test-case codes in an Agile (SCRUM) software development team
◆ Programming language: Python
◆ Development platform: Linux
◆ Version control: Mercurial